Google Cloud Components


Compute Engine

Run large-scale workloads on virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure.

Preemptible VMs

Preemptible VMs are a low cost choice for distributed and fault-tolerant workloads

App Engine

A platform for building scalable web apps and mobile backends.

Container Engine

Run Docker containers on Google's infrastructure, powered by Kubernetes.


Cloud Storage

Powerful, simple and cost effective object storage service with global edge-caching.


A highly available, affordable solution for backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Cloud SQL

Store and manage data using a fully-managed, relational MySQL database.


A managed, NoSQL, schemaless database for storing non-relational data.


Cloud Bigtable is a fast, fully managed, massively scalable NoSQL database service.


Cloud Networking

Connect your network to Google directly, via your carrier or using a secure VPN. Use reliable, resilient and low-latency DNS. Load balance traffic between Compute Engine instances using either HTTP or Network (TCP/UDP).

Big Data


Analyze Big Data in the cloud. Run fast, SQL-like queries against petabytes of data in seconds.


Dataflow is a real-time data processing service for batch and stream data processing.


Google Cloud Dataproc is a managed Spark and Hadoop service that is fast, easy to use, and low cost.


Connect your services with reliable, many-to-many, asynchronous messaging hosted on Google's infrastructure.


Translate API

Create multilingual apps and translate text into other languages programmatically.

Prediction API

Use Google's machine learning algorithms to analyze data and predict future outcomes using a familiar RESTful interface.

Cloud Endpoints

Create RESTful services from your code and make them accessible to iOS, Android, and Javascript clients using App Engine.


Cloud Monitoring

Gain insight into the performance and availability of your cloud-powered applications.

Cloud Deployment Manager

Developers can easily design, share, deploy and manage complex Google Cloud Platform solutions using simple, declarative templates.

Cloud Logging

Manage all your log data for Compute Engine and App Engine to investigate and debug system issues, gain operational and business insights, and meet security and compliance needs.

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